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This has really become a loaded question, but the truth is it doesn’t have to be. There is a formula for determining property value (comps, recent sales, condition etc.) and it is pretty straight forward. It gets confusing when brokerages, other large home websites, etc. start adding variables (often times without explanation). An example might be eliminating fees but indicating a lower property value which could have paid the brokerage fee. Be careful if a service offers to buy your property or give you a value sight unseen. It may be used as a guideline, but a good home evaluation requires a visit and an explanation. This is the reason I do not participate in gimmicks to buy your property. My goal is to get you the best price and within the time frame you desire. Keep in mind also, to secure the mortgage for the buyer your  home will likely undergo a mortgage appraisal which will require the value be accurate. 

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