Lemont Parade, April 25th 10am

April 25th, 10 am in Lemont, IL – Lemont Touch a Truck turned into a parade. Grab a chair, sit on the drive and practice social distancing.  Let’s chalk the walk and welcome them. For details join the fb group “Briarcliffe Estates – Lemont Neighbors” or visit mccattyrealestate.com

The route will go through Lemont and can be found below: departing Lemont Park District Centennial Park; heading down 127th Street towards Briarcliffe Estates; Briarcliffe Drive to Thornberry; Thornberry to 127th; 127th to Rolling Meadow Drive; Rolling Meadow to Pasture; Pasture to Fairway Drive; Fairway to Harvest; Harvest to Sunrise; Sunrise to Pasture; Bluegrass over to Klappa; Klappa into Mayfair Drive; Mayfair around back Klappa; Klappa over to Bluegrass; Bluegrass to Pasture; Pasture to Fairway; Fairway to Longwood; Longwood over to Valley View; Valley View to Smith Road; Smith to 127th; 127th to Eagle Crest; Eagle Crest to Deer; Deer to Gordon; Gordon around to Acorn; Acorn to Connacht; Connacht to Leinster; Leinster to Emerald; Emerald around to 127th; cross 127th to Walter; Walter to Meghan; Meghan to Wend; Wend to Warner; Warner to Logan; Logan to Custer; Custer to State; State to Illinois; Illinois to Wheeler; Wheeler to Wexford; Wexford to McCarthy Road; McCarthy Road to Fourth; Fourth to Country Lane; Country to Janice; Janice to Kromray; Kromray to McCarthy Road; McCarthy to Walker Road; Walker to Roscommon; Roscommon to Camelot; Camelot to St. Vincent; St. Vincent to Abbey Oaks; Abbey Oaks to Notre Dame; Notre Dame to Camelot; Camelot to Covington Dr; Covington to Auburn; Auburn to Pendleton; Pendleton to Covington Drive; Covington to 127th; 127th to Glenys; Glenys to Hillview; Hillview to Keepataw; Keepataw to Freehauf; Freehauf to State; State to Keepataw; Keepataw to Cherokee; Cherokee to Rosehill; Rosehill follow to Kip; Kip to Keepataw; Keepataw to State; State to Wend; Wend to Walter; Walter to Roberta; Roberta to Doolin; Doolin around to Roberta; Robert to Timberline Drive; Timberline Drive to Peiffer; Peiffer to Logan; Logan to Evergreen; Evergreen to Timberline; Timberline Drive into Old Quarry parking lot and a final lap around park district.