Meet Peter

Peter launched his real estate career in 1999, shortly after getting married. He started in real estate while helping his wife, Sandra, run the family business, a manufacturing operation. Peter was involved in many aspects of the business, including improving overall operations and nurturing great relationships with customers and vendors.

This experience would prove invaluable in helping him understand the importance of offering great customer service, valuing loyalty to vendors, and most of all, making sure to listen to people’s needs.

Peter has remained actively involved in multiple investment transactions and has compiled an impressive portfolio of income-producing properties in Illinois, as well as vacation rentals in the Florida Keys. He recently added aviation businesses to his investment portfolio.

With vast experience from his time on both sides of the real estate business, Peter’s mission is to ensure that every inquiry, no matter how big or small, will receive the necessary care and attention it deserves. Peter is also bilingual, speaking fluently in both English and Polish.

Outside of the real estate business, Peter is active in water sports. He is a licensed marine captain, jetpack/flyboard instructor, and divemaster, as well as the founder and president of H2OH Watersports in East Chicago, Indiana. Give Peter a call today at 708.288.3022 and put his expansive experience to work for you!


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